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Measure the level of salt of your pool and aquarium quickly and accurately with our  reliable digital salt meter. Shock-resistant and waterproof design (IP67) our Salt Meter is the perfect tool to measure the salt level of any pool and aquarium.

Salt Meter Pool

Recently salt meters have become increasingly popular for pool owners who work with a salt chlorination system to disinfect their water. In a pool that works with salt chlorination, the salt (NaCL) molecules pass an electrolysis cell and are split in Natrium and Chlorine. The Chlorine kills the bacteria and reforms with the Natrium at the end, back into salt, forming a closed cycle.

The Salt Meter is the ideal tool to measure the salt level of your pool instantly and adjust if necessary.

Salt Meter Aquarium

Owners of a saltwater aquarium or reef aquarium kneed to measure the salt level of their tank on a regular basis. Not everyone has access to an ocean, so a lot of enthusiasts have to make their own salt water for their aquarium. Measuring the salt level and adjusting it when necessary is absolutely vital if you want to keep your fishes, plants and your entire marine ecosystem perfectly balanced.

Salt Meter Maintenance

Keeping your Salt Meter in an optimal state so you an enjoy it for a long time. Always dry it after use with a soft or paper towel and always put the protective cap back on the salt meter. Store it in a dark and dry place at room temperature, outside the reach of children. 

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